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May 6, 2009

Intelligent Mail® Services Weekly Update

PostalOne! Release 20 and the Business Customer Gateway – We are preparing PostalOne! release 20 to support the price change on May 11 and the Test Environment for the Intelligent Mail Full-Service option on May 18. Beginning May 11, mailers can enter the Business Customer Gateway to access PostalOne!, Electronic Verification System (eVS), TEM, FAST®, Intelligent Mail information (including Mailer ID applications), Full-Service feedback reports, and much more.

Business Customer Gateway Log-In InformationPostalOne! and FAST users who logged in through PostalOne! between March 30 and April 15 can use their existing usernames and passwords to access the Business Customer Gateway. Those who didn't log-in but responded to the security question can use their existing usernames but must change their passwords. These users should confirm that their profile includes a valid e-mail address, or they will be unable to change their passwords after May 11 and must re-register. Users who did not log-in to PostalOne! during the prescribed dates or answer the security question need to register through the Business Customer Gateway as a new user. We have identified a few accounts that do not meet our username and password standards. We will contact these customers via e-mail to give them new user names.

Gateway Business Services Administrator – Beginning May 11, the former PostalOne! External Site Administrator role will be migrated and replaced by the Gateway Business Services Administrator role. Administrators are responsible for their user base and access to USPS services. In addition, the Administrator approves or deactivates all requests for Services at the business location and assigns additional users to the Administrator role.

Former External Site Administrators will be migrated to the position of Business Services Administrators. Companies that did not have an External Site Administrator will be able to access the system and use its services. New users for that company will be notified of the Administrator requirement and asked if they will assume the responsibility upon creating a new account. If the user agrees to become the Administrator, the registration process continues. If the user declines, the service request goes into a pending status until there is an Administrator.

As part of the transition process, some Administrators will be contacted via e-mail and asked to review their profiles this Friday. Please be on alert for e-mail notification in the next several days.

Mail.dat and User Access – Customers using Mail.dat to send files to USPS using the batch mode need to confirm they have a verified username. If not, please obtain a new username and password under the Business Customer Gateway.

PostalOne! Assistance – Please call the PostalOne! help desk at 1-800-522-9085 if you have any questions or if you have problems accessing your accounts.