Pricing & Classification DMM Advisory

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May 6, 2010

Two New Federal Register Proposed Rules On Postal Explorer

We have posted two new Federal Register proposed rules on the Postal Explorer® website at Just click on Federal Register Notices in the left frame.

Express Mail Next Day Delivery Postage Refund Amendment

This Express Mail® notice proposes to remove the overnight guarantee postage payment during the timeframe of December 22 through December 25 of each year. This is consistent with industry standards. Comments are encouraged on or before June 1, 2010.

Treatment of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco as Nonmailable Matter

This proposed rule notice pertains to the mailing of tobacco cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, and follows the specific requirements of the Prevent All Tobacco Cigarettes Trafficking (PACT) Act, which restricts the mailability of these products. Comments must be received on or before May 17, 2010.

We will use the DMM Advisory to notify you of future changes.