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May 14, 2015

New ACS™ Ancillary Service Option and Intelligent Mail® Barcode Service Type IDs

Beginning July 25, 2015, a new ACS™ Ancillary Service Option and new Intelligent Mail® barcode Service Type IDs will be available.

Change Service Requested (CSR) Option 2 for Standard Mail® letters and flats and Bound Printed Matter flats:

  • Intelligent Mail® barcode is required.
  • CSR Option 2 is only available with ACS .
  • Undeliverable mail (UAA) will be forwarded when there is a current change-of-address on file.
  • A Forwarded Fee will be charged for each piece that is forwarded (see for more details).
  • All other UAA mail will be discarded.
  • Provides an ACS notice for both forwarded and discarded mail.
  • Avoids returned mail and weighted fee charges.

More information on this new ACS ancillary service option can be found at:

Intelligent Mail® barcode Service Type ID information for this service can be found at: