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September 29, 2010

Contents of Periodicals Mail

We updated the mailing standards regarding permissible mailpiece components in Periodicals which became effective on August 9, 2010, and were incorporated in section 707.3.0 of the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) on September 7.

The revised standards removed the current advertising limitation on loose supplements, with the exception of unwrapped copies of loose addressed supplements included in a mailing for an authorized Periodicals publication. Additionally, we also revised the requirements on pages, specifically multi-layer pages, giving publishers more latitude in page design.

We have also updated and simplified provisions concerning the mailing of products and product samples.

Finally, the standards governing protective covers and attachments have been updated for consistency with past rulings. These standards contain only those DMM revisions that are consistent with the expressed wishes of numerous publishers and Periodicals association representatives.