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October 3, 2012

IMb™ Services Update

Mailers and mail service providers that use the Intelligent Mail® barcode and prefer to use the original "Traditional" version of ACS (for example, #BWXYZZZ) have been notified of the new IMb™ Service Type ID assignments for 2013. A copy of the announcement is on RIBBS at: 2012ACSANNOUNCEMENTS/

Additional documentation has been developed to help Traditional ACS Mailers that use the Intelligent Mail Barcode understand what to do and what to expect during the transitional period (January 27 through March 1, 2013). All related documents have been posted to the RIBBS ACS Announcements page:

Traditional ACS Service Type ID Transition Period Expectations - 10/2/2012

Traditional ACS Service Type ID Q&A - 10/2/2012

Traditional ACS STID changes effective on January 27, 2013