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October 20, 2009

Double Post Cards – Information Sealed Against Inspection

A double post card, as described in Domestic Mail Manual (DMM), consists of two attached post cards, one of which is for the transmission of information from the addressee back to the sender. Each card is subject to the card rate; however, postage need not be paid for the reply portion until it is detached and mailed as a reply piece.

DMM provides that a card may bear an attachment that is a small reusable seal or decal prepared with pressure-sensitive and nonremovable adhesive that is intended to be removed from the first half of a double card and applied to the reply half.

An example that is often seen is a solicitation to subscribe to, or renew a subscription to a Periodicals publication. Often, in addition to the solicitation itself, will be a small reusable decal or sticker, with instructions on the card to remove it from the top half of a double post card and place it in the appropriate place on the reply half in order to receive an additional gift.


However, such removable attachments may not be used to conceal “personal information,” such as a PIN number, or to prevent the Postal Service from examining the “visible” message without defacing the double post card. See also DMM that prohibits any sealing on the left and right sides of double post cards.