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October 20, 2010

Keeping Letter and Flat Trays in Circulation

The fall and Holiday mailing seasons are getting into full swing. Letter and flat trays allow us to handle your mail efficiently in our processing facilities; however, we are facing a potential shortage of the MM letter trays.

We have tried to avoid this situation by asking mailers to conduct ongoing mail transport equipment (MTE) audits to locate forgotten, misused, or excessive MTE. As a rule of thumb, you should maintain no more than a 7-day supply of MTE.

When MTE overstocking occurs, other customers are prevented from completing their mailings. So please, don’t hang onto excess MTE. Make sure to return it to your Post Office, processing facility, or BMEU.

Until we have recovered excess MTE, keep in mind that you may use EMM trays (EIRS 74E) as an authorized substitute when MM letter trays are unavailable.