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November 3, 2010

November DMM Update

Postal Explorer® ( is your source for up-to-date mailing standards. The Domestic Mail Manual is fully searchable on Postal Explorer and features fly-out menus, cross-reference links, and an extensive subject index. Today we updated our mailing standards to capture the following changes:

Optional Use of the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode
We revised 401.2.0, 402.4.0, 423.1.0, 433.1.0, 443.3.0, 443.4.0, 453.3.0, 463.1.0, 463.4.0, 503.9.0, 503.10.0, 705.16.0, and 708.5.0 to provide standards for the optional use of Intelligent Mail package barcodes (IMpb).

Realignment of ZIP Code 458: Revision to Destination Entry Exhibits
We revised Exhibit 246.3.1, Exhibit 346.3.1, Exhibit 366.4.1, Exhibit 446.3.1, Exhibit 453.3.1.3, and Exhibit 466.4.4 to align the destination network distribution center (DNDC) for mailings to 3-digit ZIP Code with a prefix of 458 that have moved from the Cincinnati network distribution center (NDC) to the Detroit NDC.

Option to Omit Horizontal Bars on Business Reply Mail Letters and Cards with Intelligent Mail Barcodes
We revised 507.9.0 to permit customers producing letter-size (including cards) Business Reply Mail (BRM) pieces with Intelligent Mail barcodes the option to omit the horizontal bars that are printed below the postage imprint.

Our next scheduled DMM update is December 6.