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November 9, 2010

Read it Here First! New Incentive Programs and Other Changes for Domestic Mailing Services

Two advance-copy Federal Register notices were posted today on the Postal Explorer® website at We encourage you to check them out for complete details.

New Incentive Programs and Other Changes for Domestic Mailing Services this final rule incorporates standards for two new Mailing Services incentive programs filed this month with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). This final rule also includes DMM® revisions related to Move Update standards:

  • Reply Rides Free — provides an incentive for mailers to include more content in their automation First-Class Mail® letters such as including marketing messages in bill and statement mailings that include a reply card or reply envelope under specified conditions. Qualifying customers will receive a postage credit equal to the second ounce for eligible letters weighing over 1 ounce, up to and including 1.2 ounces.

  • The Saturation Mail/High Density Incentive Program — provides rebates for volume growth of 5 percent over an established volume threshold for frequent mailers of Saturation or High Density Standard Mail® letters and flats.

2011 Changes for Domestic Mailing Services — this final rule includes changes in terminology for some Standard Mail letter prices, discontinuation of the current exception that allows some rigid flats to claim flats prices, a change in the expression of decimal pounds for Package Services parcels, the list of Address Information System products and services, and the mailing standards in the DMM to implement the changes.

The effective date for both Federal Register notices is January 2, 2011, pending PRC approval. We will keep everyone posted through the DMM Advisory of future mailing standards changes.