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November 27, 2017

Transition of Standard Mail to USPS Marketing Mail

The Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) formed Workgroup # 181 “Transitioning to Marketing Mail” in February 2017 to ensure a smooth and successful transition from the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approved name change of Standard Mail to USPS Marketing Mail.

The Workgroup invited participants from all segments of the mailing industry supply chain to review software, labeling and mail piece postage markings to ensure all possible implications of this change are considered. The consensus now is that the following recommendations are appropriate:

  • USPS will continue transition to USPS Marketing Mail.
  • Indicia language will be Optional – official launch date for language will be Jan 2019. However, customers wishing to use the language sooner may contact the PCSC for approval (
  • All mail shapes may use either Marketing Mail or Standard Mail verbiage.
  • Nonprofit mailers may also use Marketing Mail if desired – Indicia should read “Nonprofit MKTG Mail”
  • Pallet placards, tray and sack label verbiage will not change. These will continue to be labeled as Standard Mail.
  • Existing stamps will keep the same marking – future print runs will be evaluated as needed.
  • The DMM will be updated with proper markings.
  • Testing and research results continue to be welcomed by the USPS. Results will be shared if large numbers of companies from a variety of industry test and share their results.

Regarding next steps; please note specific information for optional indicia use along with pallet, tray and sack marking will be provided as soon as possible. All PCSC requests to use the new Marketing Mail indicia will be acknowledged. Companies are encouraged to test the indicia marking and to share their results. The Postal Service will continually evaluate the usage of both Standard Mail and Marketing Mail marking and will follow up with a DMM Advisory and Industry Alert on DMM updates when completed.