201a Quick Service Guide

Commercial - Designing Letters and Postcards for Automated Processing

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Letter-size mail and card-size pieces meeting the applicable automation standards are entitled to automation prices. This Quick Service Guide summarizes the standards for mail with 100% delivery point barcodes and mail without barcodes processed on USPS optical character readers (OCRs).

Physical Standards (201.3.0, 204.1.0)

Must meet all physical standards in 201.3.0.

Aspect ratio from 1.3 to 2.5 (201.3.7).


Maximum Weight:

1. Heavy letters over 3 ounces, if barcoded, must bear an address block delivery point barcode under 201.3.6, and be part of a 100% delivery point or Intelligent Mail barcoded mailing. Heavy letters must be prepared in a sealed envelope, and may not contain stiff enclosures or be prepared as a self-mailer or booklet-type mailpiece.


Other machinability standards:

Pieces with delivery point barcodes or Intelligent Mail barcodes must meet all standards in 204.1.0:

Barcode in Address Block (202.5.0)

When the barcode is included as part of the address block the barcode must be placed in one of these positions: