705b Quick Service Guide

USPS Marketing Mail Bundles of Flats on Pallets

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Price Eligibility Overview

Bundles of USPS Marketing Mail must be sorted and prepared under the standards for the price claimed. Prices are bundle-based. Prices are based on the preparation of mail in bundles and are not affected by the pallet on which a bundle is placed.

General Bundle Preparation Standards

Bundle preparation must meet the applicable general standards in 245.5.0 (Presorted USPS Marketing Mail), 245.6.0 (Enhanced Carrier Route USPS Marketing Mail), or 245.7.0 (Automation Flat Mail). Mixed ADC bundles may not be placed on pallets.

Bundle Size (705.8.9)

Prepare a bundle when there are 10 or more pieces for the same presort destination or 10 or 15 pieces as applicable to a 5-digit destination within an individual mailing. Bundles are not subject to a specific thickness limit. When there are fewer than 10 pounds for a destination, the pieces must be prepared in a single physical bundle. When there are 10 or more pounds for a destination, pieces should be prepared in bundles weighing from 10 to 20 pounds each except that the last bundle may weigh less than 10 pounds and mailers may balance the mail in bundles as follows:

Securing Individual Bundles (705.8.5.11)

Bundles on pallets must be secure and stable and able to withstand normal transit and handling without breakage or injury to USPS employees. To prevent broken bundles, material used to secure bundles should be of adequate strength, be sealed securely (e.g., by heat or adhesive), and fit tightly around the bundles. Prepare bundles as follows:

Copalletized Bundles

Copalletization allows mailers to place together on pallets bundles from separate mailings that have been independently presorted in accordance with applicable standards (e.g., ECR, automation, and Presorted price mailings). Each separate mailing must separately meet the minimum volume and other requirements as set forth in 705.11.0 unless bundles are prepared under 705.11.0 (Preparation of Cobundled Price and Presorted Price Flats) mailers must bundle their mail separately according to the applicable requirements in 245.5.0 for Presort, 245.6.8 for Enhanced Carrier Route, or 245.7.0 for Automation. Copalletization requires Business Acceptance Solutions authorization (705.8.7).

Pallet Presort and Labeling (705.8.10)

At the mailer’s option, bundles of flats may be palletized using the advanced presort options in 705.10.0, 705.12.0, or 705.13.0. These presort options require PAVE-certified software.

Copalletized mailings: Bundles of Presorted price and automation price flats must be placed on separate
5-digit and 5-digit scheme (
L001) pallets from ECR price bundles; bundles from ECR, automation, and Presorted price mailings may be placed together on all other remaining levels of pallets.


1. Use “BARCODED” (or “BC”) for automation price mail and/or “NONBARCODED” (or “NBC”) for Presorted and/or carrier route mail.

2. Use “ASF” or “NDC” as appropriate.

3. Use “ASF” or “NDC” followed by “BARCODED” (or “BC”) for automation price mail and/or “NONBARCODED” (or “NBC”) for Presorted price mail and/or carrier route mail.

4. Processing and Distribution managers may authorize pallets of less than 250 pounds for their service area for mailings entered within their service area only. For these destinations, one residual (overflow) pallet of less than 250 pounds may be prepared for the service area of the entry office without special approval.

5. After preparing all required pallets (and any optional pallets), when 250 or more pounds of bundles remain for a NDC/ASF, the NDC/ASF pallet must be prepared. If there are no NDC/ASF pallets in the mailing and 250 or more pounds of bundles remain for an SCF, the SCF pallet must be prepared.