705a Quick Service Guide


General (705.8.1)

All pallets presented to the USPS, whether USPS-provided or mailer-provided, must meet the standards in 705.8.0.

Pallets must be made of high-quality material and must measure 48 by 40 inches.

Minimum Load:

Maximum Load:

Labels (705.8.6)

Pallets are labeled according to content and destination of the mail.

Two labels must be affixed to each pallet, one on each adjacent side, and must be visible including on multiple stacked pallets. Recommended placement of each label is on the top center of each adjacent side. Labels bearing Intelligent Mail container barcodes must be affixed to the outside of any shrinkwrap or plasticwrap. Labels must be affixed by self-adhesive or other adhesive means that will not obscure any required element of the label, including the barcode, and remain secure throughout USPS processing. Pprepared through plant-load or drop-shipment agreements must be placed on transportation so that a pallet label on each pallet faces toward the rear of the vehicle.

Use pink labels for Periodicals or white labels for First-Class Mail, USPS Marketing Mail and Package Services. Periodicals, bearing an Intelligent Mail container barcode and prepared in the optional smaller format under may be white, but must include a pink vertical one-half inch wide identification bar along the left-hand side of the label, or may be white when used in conjunction with a pink designator label (see for conditions).

Labels must be at least 8 inches x 11 inches; lettering for required information must be at least 1/2 inch high. Labels bearing Intelligent Mail container barcodes may be prepared in the 8 inches by 11 inches format under 204.3.4 or in the optional smaller label format under

Top Caps (705.8.2)

Except as provided in 705.8.2, top caps must be used on all stacked pallets. Top caps must be secured to the pallet with either shrinkwrap or at least two straps or bands.

Strapping and Shrinkwrap (705.8.1.3)

Except for pallets of trays, each pallet must be secured with at least two straps or bands, or be wrapped with plastic shrinkwrap, or both. Shrinkwrap must be used to secure the trays to the pallet and must be securely wrapped around the pallet. Banding alone is not permitted.

Stacking Pallets (705.8.3)

Pallets may be stacked to a maximum of six tiers high, but must not exceed 84 inches in height (lower height restrictions may apply). Individual pallets must be strapped or shrinkwrapped (or both). The stack of pallets must be securely banded with at least two straps or bands (not shrinkwrapped). The heaviest pallet must be on the bottom of the stack and the lightest pallet must be on the top. There must be enough space between pallets to allow for a forklift.

Measuring a Pallet

Measuring points on a pallet are shown below:


Pallet Measurements

Pallet measuring points.


Pallet Components

Components of a pallet.



How to stack a pallet.

Pallet Boxes General (705.8.4)

Mailers may use pallet boxes made of a sturdy corrugated fiberboard meeting the requirements in 705.8.4 that are placed on a pallet to hold sacks or parcels.

Base: The base of a pallet box must measure approximately 40 inches x 48 inches.

Height and Weight: For height and weight see the General section above. The contents may not stick up over the rim of the pallet box.

Strapping and Shrinkwrap (705.8.4)

Each pallet box must be secured with at least two straps or bands, or shrinkwrapped, or both, to its pallet for safe transport (except when the pallet is accepted at the postal facility where the contents are distributed and the weight of the mail in the box will hold the box in place during transport and processing).

Measuring a Pallet Box

Measuring points on a pallet box are included under “Measuring a Pallet.”


A Pallet Box

A pallet box

Trays General (705.8.5)

Trays must be prepared under the standards for the class of mail and price claimed. See 705.8.14.5 for an exception to the tray strapping requirement.

Any combination of trays (1-foot, 2-foot, EMM) can be stacked on the same pallet, as long as the finished pallet is sturdy and meets all height and weight requirements.

Trays may not be combined with other containers (parcels, sacks) on the same pallet.

Tips on Stacking Trays

Trays should be counter-stacked where possible to build the sturdiest pallet possible.

It is easy to build a very sturdy locking pallet of all 2-foot trays (see diagram below for recommended method).

All trays on a pallet should be stacked right-side-up with labels facing outward (where possible).


Trays on a Pallet

How to stack trays on a pallet.


Building a Locking Skid

How to build a locking skid.