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August 14, 2015

PostalOne!® eDoc Backlog

PostalOne! ® is currently experiencing a backlog which may result in Mail.dat® submissions showing as "In Progress" for 45 minutes or more. The files are being queued and will be processed. We are actively working to process the backlog and expect all jobs to successfully complete. In the interim, Mail.dat jobs will be accepted under the PostalOne! Contingency Plan to avoid disruption of your mailing operations. (

The incident is currently under investigation. An update will be provided when the system becomes available or in three hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any additional questions please contact the PostalOne! help desk at 800-522-9085

Update CI # INC000000664723 – SASP and BIDS Delay

We are continuing to investigate the root cause of this issue and will provide an estimated fix date when one is determined. The impact is as follows:

  • FS ACS Provisioning is current.
  • MicroStrategy Reports are currently delayed by 4 hours.