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January 7, 2011

IMb™ Services Update

Full-Service ACS Update: PostalOne!® Release 26, which was deployed on January 2, 2011 corrected two issues affecting provisioning of Full Service ACS records. Full Service ACS information for mailers that are not able to receive this data via downloadable reports will be recovered for the period November 7 through January 2 and be provided via the normal fulfillment channel.

This release also corrected the issue affecting containers in Periodicals mailings having an association to the appropriate Full Service ACS records. Missing data from affected Periodicals jobs will be provisioned to mailers by January 11.

Bound Printed Matter Flats Known Issue/Workaround: An issue has been identified in PostalOne! affecting non-barcoded Bound Printed Matter (BPM) flats. Non-barcoded BPM flats may weigh up to 15 pounds, but PostalOne! is currently setting the maximum weight for this product at 20 ounces. Mailers submitting mailing information electronically are experiencing a rejection of their files by PostalOne! This issue will be corrected with a system update on January 31.

Between now and January 31, customers using Mail.dat® or Mail.XML® to submit BPM flat mailings may use Postal Wizard or submit a hardcopy postage statement and submit their preproduction qualification report for verification purposes.