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February 4, 2011

All U.S. Mail Service to Egypt Temporarily Suspended

As noted in this morning’s DMM Advisory, the U.S. Postal Service® temporarily suspended acceptance of Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG®) service to Egypt on February 3 due to the suspension of air transportation service to the nation of Egypt.

Some GXG items already enroute to Egypt are being held at international airports. Any GXG items currently in the U.S. mailstream bound for Egypt are being returned to the sender, and postage and fees will be refunded upon request.

Post Offices are continuing to accept international letter mail and other package services, including Express Mail International® and Priority Mail International®, addressed to Egypt. However, this international mail is being held temporarily by the Postal Service until air transportation resumes and the postal administration of Egypt is able to accept it.

We will use the DMM Advisory to keep you informed of any further developments affecting mail delivery to and from Egypt.