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February 7, 2011

February DMM Update

Postal Explorer® ( is your source for up-to-date mailing standards. The Domestic Mail Manual is fully searchable on Postal Explorer and features fly-out menus, cross-reference links, and an extensive subject index. Today we updated our mailing standards to capture the following changes:

Collect on Delivery Service
We revised 503.11.2.1 to clarify standards that apply to disputes regarding Collect on Delivery (COD) services once payment is returned to the mailer. Specifically, the Postal Service cannot intervene in disputes between mailers and recipients of COD mail after postal records indicate payment was returned to the mailer.

Submission of Electronic Documentation with Comailed and Copalletized Mailings
We revised 705.8.7, 705.8.8, 705.8.16 and 707.27.0 to require mailers preparing comailed or copalletized mailings, or mail owners who contribute mailpieces to a consolidated comailed or copalletized mailing, to submit electronic documentation to the USPS by an approved method.

New Preparation Standards for Flat-Size Mailpieces Destinating in FSS Zones
We revised 343.6.0, 343.7.0, 363.5.0, 363.6.0, 705.14.0, 707.13.0, 707.14.0 and Labeling List L006 to provide new standards for mail preparation of flat-size Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Bound Printed Matter mailpieces prepared for delivery within the ZIP Codes served by Flats Sequencing System (FSS) processing.

Market Test: Alternate Postage Payment Method for Greeting Cards
We revised 709.3.0 to conduct a 2-year market test of the Alternate Postage Payment Method for Greeting Cards. The market test is effective from January 2, 2011, through December 31, 2012.

Processing Refund Requests for Unused Meter Indicia
We revised 604.9.0 to clarify standards that apply to processing refund requests for unused postage evidencing system indicia.

Labeling List Changes
We revised labeling lists L001, L002, L003, L005, L006, L007, L201, L606, and L607 to reflect changes in mail processing operations.

Our next scheduled DMM update is April 17.