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March 25, 2016

Two New Tools Help Ensure Accurate and Timely Mail Delivery

Want to pinpoint addresses where carriers cannot physically access the residence or building? Need to know business locations that do not have mail receptacles? Mailers can find out this information and more by using the Delivery Point Validation® (DPV®) and Delivery Sequence File (DSF) products.

In addition to verifying USPS® delivery points, the DPV and DSF2 products have added two additional hash tables to assist mailers in streamlining delivery to reap the benefits of deliverable mail. These new tables are called Door Not Accessible (DNA) and No Secure Location (NSL).

What information does the DNA table provide?

The DNA table assists mailers by identifying addresses where carriers cannot knock on a door for mail delivery. Examples include situations where carriers cannot physically access a residence/building, such as a rural/highway contract route (HCR) long driveway or gated residence.

What does the NSL table provide?

The NSL table identifies locations where there is no security. For instance, carriers can access the door, but cannot leave a package due to security concerns. Additionally, it lets mailers know locations where businesses are closed on certain days or are storefronts with no mail receptacles. This information gives mailers insight as to the deliverability of mail to these locations.

The DNA table is currently in the DPV and DSF2 Hash Products. The NSL table will be included in the April release of the hash products that will be available via Electronic Product Fulfillment (EPF) in mid-March.

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