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June 29, 2016

Contingency Plans: USPS Monitors Possible Strike in Canada

The Postal Service™ is monitoring a possible strike or work stoppage affecting Canada Post.

Canada Post is the postal operator that performs delivery in Canada of U.S. shipments of First-Class Mail International® service, First-Class Package International Service®, International Priority Airmail® service, International Surface Air Lift® service, Priority Mail International® service, and Priority Mail Express International® service.

If a strike or work stoppage occurs, USPS will continue to offer customers the option of using Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG) service for delivery of documents and merchandise in Canada, with transportation and delivery by FedEx.

GXG service is available online and at thousands of participating retail locations throughout the United States.

Additional information and updates about mail service to Canada are available on the Postal Service’s International Service Alert page.