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July 8, 2014

Suspension of CASS Cycle O

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has made the decision to suspend CASS Cycle O originally scheduled for implementation in August 2015. After reviewing input from impacted stakeholders including mailers, software developers and service providers the consensus was that the benefits of continuing to pursue CASS Cycle O were not demonstrated. Given the limited benefits from CASS Cycle O implementation, and the recognition that there are other higher priority items requiring mailing industry stakeholder attention, continuing with CASS Cycle O efforts is not warranted.

The USPS encourages CASS product vendors to evaluate the proposed changes originally scheduled for mandatory inclusion in CASS Cycle O for implementation as appropriate. The decision to include any of the proposed changes is entirely optional. The USPS will provide materials to accommodate testing but recertification of the CASS product will not be required unless the changes introduced impact the results expected from CASS Cycle N requirements. Software or hardware manufacturers that may bring a new CASS address hygiene product to market will be required to certify their product(s) based on CASS Cycle N standards.

For additional information or assistance please contact the CASS Support Department at 1-800-642-2914.