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July 18, 2011

Advance Copy of L006 Labeling List Available on RIBBS

An advance copy of the L006 Labeling List files is now available for review on the RIBBS® website under Labeling Lists>Important Links. The zip file contains both the human readable Labeling List L006 and the product files in text format.

The Labeling List L006 data will be posted on the Postal Explorer® website on August 1 and the National Customer Support Center will disseminate the product files during their regularly scheduled August 1 release.

Non-active FSS zones have been included as part of the L006 labeling list for modeling purposes. Non-active FSS zones are ZIP Codes which are planned for FSS processing, but whose scheme assignment is not yet determined. These records are included to provide a complete list of FSS zones, but they should not yet be prepared as FSS scheme containers. Non-active FSS zones are defined where the FSS Scheme Name matches the FSS Facility Name. As FSS schemes are finalized, these records will be converted to the conventional scheme and facility format.

If you have any questions about system programming for labeling list L006, please refer to the Labeling Lists Technical Guide. The advance copy of L006 files will remain on the RIBBS website until the next publication of the Labeling Lists, in October 2011.

For any additional assistance, please call our Labeling List Technical Support group at (800) 238-3150.