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July 25, 2014

Domestic and International Mailing — Price Change

This week, the final rule domestic and international competitive services price change Federal Register Notices for the September 2014 price change were posted on the Federal Register web site.

Domestic Competitive Products Pricing and Mailing Standards Changes (Shipping Services) – We provide revised mailing standards in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) to reflect changes to some of the prices for Priority Mail® and the mailing standards for Premium Forwarding Service Commercial® competitive products.

See the entire notice at and on Postal Explorer at

The proposed pricing files are posted on Postal Explorer® at under the September 2014 Price Change Information header in the left navigation bar.

International Product Changes (Shipping Services) – We provide international classification changes and the corresponding mailing standards changes in the International Mail Manual (IMM®) for Priority Mail Express International®. We are adding Lebanon as the most recent country to establish an Express Mail Service (EMS) operational exchange agreement with the Postal Service.

See the entire notice at and on Postal Explorer at