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October 10, 2014

USPS Interim Solution Nonprofit Data Quality Process

Assistance for Nonprofit Mailers with Validation of CRID, MID, Nonprofit Authorization Number (NPA) and Permit Number

Mail service providers (MSPs) that provide support to nonprofit organizations can receive assistance with validating CRID, MID, NPA, and Permit numbers from the USPS™ MSP Validation Tool, their Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU), and the PostalOne! ® Help Desk. The goal of the interim process is to provide nonprofit MSPs with the ability to validate and reconcile mail owner identifiers when data discrepancies are found and before they submit Nonprofit mailings.

Please note that participants are asked to validate mail owner identifiers (CRID/MID/NPA/Permit data) using the MSP Validation Tool in the Business Customer Gateway, and work with their Business Mail Entry Unit before submitting an Excel input file to the PostalOne! Help Desk.

MSPs can submit a request by email to the PostalOne! Help Desk at An input file with a maximum request of 100 entities (CRIDs, MIDs, etc.) must accompany this email; the email’s subject line should be "NPA Project." The Help Desk will return an output file to the mailer within five business days or fewer. The input/output file is available on the RIBBS website. Go to the Documents Locator section (tab F-K) at, scroll down to Interim Solution for Nonprofit Validation of CRID/MID/NPA and click on Input/Output file.

The interim Nonprofit Data Quality process is in effect now and it will end with the deployment of Release 39 in November 2014. Please contact the PostalOne! Help Desk at 800-522-9085 with additional questions about this process.