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October 17, 2012

USPS 2013 Mailing Services Promotions Calendar

We encourage mailers to explore the newly developed 2013 Mailing Services Promotions Calendar from the United States Postal Service®. This proposed year-long lineup of USPS® promotions is designed to encourage innovation and use of technologies that can add value and make mail more interactive.

Building on previous barcode and mobile commerce promotions, we have developed new programs that will help mailers connect with customers and keep mail an essential part of their marketing mix.

Additionally, there are promotions that encourage mailers to use two more traditional direct mail features - samples and reply mail envelopes.

The 2013 Mailing Services Promotions Calendar is pending approval by the Postal Regulatory Commission:

  • Direct Mail Mobile Coupon/Click-to-Call
  • Earned Value Reply Mail
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Picture Permit
  • Product Samples
  • Mobile Buy-It-Now

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