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November 9, 2011

Feeling the MTE Pinch? – Help Us Help You

Even before the November 4 publishing of the Mailer Authorized Alternative Container options and an MTE escalation process for Managers, Business Mail Entry to administer, there were numerous efforts underway to mitigate Mailer Transport Equipment (MTE) shortages, such as:

    • Accelerated purchase of MTE above and beyond planned levels
    • Shifting excess MTE to deficit areas based on daily inventory reviews
    • Monitoring Postal Service™ processing plants’ on-hand inventories to ensure only daily operational and customer needs are retained
    • Conducting clean sweep roundups from Post Offices™, stations, and branches to ensure all excess equipment is dispatched to Postal Service processing facilities daily
    • Implementing weekend overtime shifts at Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers (MTESC), as required
    • Conducting reviews of MTESC to ensure inventory is managed, flowed and distributed according to plan
    • United States Postal Inspection Service® pursuing stolen and misused equipment.

Understanding the impacts and managing inventories is a collective effort. Help us help you – ensure only immediate inventory requests are submitted and utilize MTE as intended within the Postal Service mailstream.