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December 15, 2017

New Postage Statements Effective January 21, 2018

New postage statements associated with the January 2018 price change are available on Postal Explorer® at The Postage Statement information is in the January 2018 Price Change "Documents" link.

As of January 21, 2018, the new January 2018 postage statements are required for First-Class Mail® and First-Class Package Service® (PS Form 3600-FCM), Periodicals (PS Form 3541), and International Mail (PS Form 3700). When mailing other products, you may continue to use the January 2017 statements (USPS Marketing Mail™ PS Form 3602-R, Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail™ PS Form 3602-N, and Package Services and Parcel Select® PS Form 3605-R) with the new prices until the next price change.

Please Note: All January 2017 facsimile postage statements are required to incorporate all changes to the Mailer and Mailing sections by January 21, 2018.