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December 29, 2011

Refunds for Overpayment of Postage for Special Postage Payment Systems

Mailers who wish to request a refund for an overpayment of postage should contact their local Post Office®, unless the refund request is for a mailing presented under a Special Postage Payment System (SPPS). Refund requests for mailings submitted under SPPS should be submitted with all supporting documentation to A list of documents required to be submitted for refund requests is posted on RIBBS® at SPPSRefundProcess.pdf.


If the refund request pertains to a MERLIN® appeal, presort error, double payment, problem loading Mail.dat® files into PostalOne! ®, metered mail, precanceled stamp mail, nonprofit Standard Mail®, delayed mail or any issues that do not involve an SPPS, it first should be submitted to the local Post Office where the mailing was made.