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December 31, 2009

Price Change Postage Statement Processing

For the January 4, 2010 Shipping Services price change, postage statements for mailings with a mailing date on or after January 4th must not be submitted until January 4, 2010. (This includes PS Form 3541 Periodicals, PS Form 3600 First-Class, PS Form 3602 Standard Mail, and PS Form 3605 Package Services.) Postage Statements submitted for mailings with a mailing date prior to January 4th must be finalized in the PostalOne! ® system before January 4th.

For any postage statement submission method in the PostalOne! System (Mail.dat, Mail.XML, Postal Wizard or hard copy submission) the following three dates must be all before January 4th or all after January 4th:

1. The submission date to the PostalOne! system.

2. The mailing date.

3. The certification date (when the postage statement is finalized.)