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December 6, 2011

Proposed Service Standard Changes

On December 5, the Postal Service™ filed a request with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) for an advisory opinion on proposed changes to mail service standards. The Postal Service also will seek public comment on proposed service standard changes for various mailing services products through a notice in the Federal Register. This action follows the solicitation of public comment on service standard changes previously published on September 15 along with numerous outreach efforts to the mailing community.

The most significant revisions would eliminate the expectation of overnight service for significant portions of First-Class Mail® and Periodicals; however, there would be an opportunity for mailers who properly prepare and enter mail at the destinating processing facility prior to the day's critical entry time to have their mail delivered the following delivery day. In addition, the 2-day delivery range would be modified to include 3-digit ZIP Code origin-destination pairs that are currently overnight, and the 3-day delivery range also would be expanded.

These revisions would allow for a significant rationalization of the Postal Service’s mail processing and transportation networks. The Postal Service is completing the facility reviews using the well-established Area Mail Processing guidelines, which will continue as announced in September.

Supporting documents such as the proposed rule, an illustrative Service Standard Directory (SSD), and illustrative labeling lists are just a few of the requested documents that will be available on the Mailer Information website. By Thursday, December 8, the website ( and RIBBS will be updated with documents and links supporting this announcement.