Customer Support Ruling

Materials Mailable as Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped

UPDATED October 1996

PS-014 (703.5)

This CSR discusses material that is eligible to be mailed as Free Matter for the Blind and Other Physically Handicapped Persons.

Computer disks which are used for brailling books are mailable free of postage under the provisions of Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 703.5.2.1, when there is compliance with the requirements presented in DMM 703.5.2.2.

DMM 703.5.2.1 provides that educational or other materials or devices, or parts thereof, specifically designed or adapted for the use of a blind person or a person having a physical impairment as described in DMM 703.5.1.3 are mailable free of postage. Such pieces must be marked in the upper right corner of the address side with the words: "Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped" as specified in DMM 703.5.4.1a.

In addition, cassette recorders/players, white canes, watches (talking timepieces), braille watches and typewriters, which are specifically designed or adapted and mailed for the use of qualified blind or handicapped persons may be mailed free of postage under the provisions of DMM 703.5.

Anita Bizzotto


Mailing Standards

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