Customer Support Ruling

Documentation to Support Enhanced Carrier Route Mailings Prepared in Walk Sequence Using CDS

UPDATED January 2017

PS-293 (708.3.5)

This Customer Support Ruling pertains to documentation submitted to support Enhanced Carrier Route (ECR) USPS Marketing Mail price mailings prepared in walk sequence using the Postal Service’s Computerized Delivery Sequence (CDS) product.  A majority of CDS mailings are addressed using the occupant address format in Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 602.3.3.

DMM 708.3.5 provides, in part, that each mailing submitted at an Enhanced Carrier Route USPS Marketing Mail price must be accompanied by PS Form 3553, Coding Accuracy Support System Summary Report. The information required on the PS Form 3553 is described in DMM 708.3.5.4. Because of the unique nature of the CDS processing of lists by the National Customer Support Center (NCSC) in Memphis, the Postal Service has approved the use by mailers of an abbreviated facsimile PS Form 3553 to support ECR mailings prepared using addresses from CDS lists. The facsimile PS Form 3553 may be printed following the carrier route qualification summary, generally identified as the “Packing List”, instead of being printed as a separate form.  In addition, only the following information is required to appear on the facsimile:

  • Facsimile USPS PS Form 3553
  • Item A1. United States Postal Service
  • Item B1. List Processor Name:  CDS Product
  • Item B2. Date List Processed:  (The date shown is the date mailing labels are produced or the date the mailing list is generated. The mailing must be presented within 90 days of this date and the date the list is processed must be within 90 days of the date of the CDS file reported in B3.  For example, mailing labels produced on July 15 using the April CDS product may be used for mailings presented up to 90 days from July 15.)
  • Item B3. Date of CDS File:  (The date shown - month and year - is the date of the CDS product used.  This date appears on the CDS Product Invoice - as the cycle date - or on the CDS confirmation form generated by the NCSC.)

The mailer is not required to sign the facsimile PS Form 3553 for CDS Mailings because the processing for accuracy is actually performed by the NCSC. In addition to presenting a facsimile

PS Form 3553 as described above, the mailer must substantiate compliance with the standards for carrier sequencing by providing documentation described in DMM 245.6.9.  Under this section, the mailer must provide (or maintain) a list of the number of pieces qualifying for each ECR rate claimed by 5-digit ZIP Code and, within each, by carrier route, and must include appropriate information to support eligibility for the High Density and Saturation prices. For CDS mailings, the “Packing List” is generally submitted to meet this standard.  Presort documentation generated by PAVE-certified presort software or in an approved standardized format as described in DMM 708.1.2 is not required for mailings of identical weight pieces if the mailings are separated by price when presented for acceptance (e.g., ECR High Density and Saturation price mail must be separated when presented for verification).


Anita J. Bizzotto


Mailing Standards

Headquarters, US Postal Service

Washington, DC  20260-3436