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Multiple Entry Discounts in a Single Mailing – USPS Marketing Mail

UPDATED January 2017

PS-295 (246.2.2)

This CSR discusses how a single mailing can be eligible to receive multiple entry discounts.

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 246.2.2 states in part, that USPS Marketing Mail pieces deposited at the same postal facility, but claimed at different destination entry prices, may be included in a single mailing and reported on the same postage statement (subject to one minimum volume requirement), if the destination entry post office is the proper facility for claiming each of the destination entry discounts.

Under the above referenced standard, a single mailing (entered locally where the mailer holds a permit or as a plant-verified drop shipment (PVDS)), may contain pieces eligible for a variety of destination entry prices.  For example, because each of the eight postal facilities that are designated as auxiliary service facilities (ASFs) are also designated as sectional center facilities (SCFs), a mailing entered at one of these locations may contain pieces eligible for the destination network distribution center (DNDC) discount and pieces eligible for the destination SCF (DSCF) discount based on the delivery addresses and the ZIP Codes that fall within the SCF and ASF service areas as prescribed in DMM L005 and L602.

An Enhanced Carrier Route rate mailing deposited at one of the ASFs could also contain pieces eligible for the destination delivery unit (DDU) discount if the carriers are located in that same facility.  Mailings containing pieces eligible for an entry discount may also contain pieces that are ineligible for any entry discount (i.e., pieces that are addressed to ZIP Codes outside of the service areas of the entry DDU, SCF, ASF/NDC) as designated by the Postal Service.

In addition to the eight co-located ASFs and SCFs, the Springfield MA NDC and SCF are located in the same building.  Therefore, mailers may include pieces for NDC Springfield MA and for SCF Springfield MA in the same USPS Marketing Mail mailing and claim the DSCF and DBMC prices for those pieces, as applicable, under the provisions of DMM 246.2.2.  A single minimum volume requirement would apply to such mailings.


Lizbeth Dobbins


Mailing Standards

Headquarters, US Postal Service

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