Customer Support Ruling

USPS Marketing Mail Parcels

UPDATED January 2017

PS-312 (240)

This CSR determines when mailers may enter USPS Marketing Mail parcels at Destination Delivery Units (DDUs) and claim the 3/5 Presorted rate and the Destination Network Distribution Center (DNDC) discount.

The mailings may contain less than the minimum volume required for the USPS Marketing Mail 5-digit sort (e.g., 10 pounds to a 5-digit Scheme/5-digit).  It also includes the option to combine USPS Marketing Mail machinable and irregular parcels in the same container with Package Services parcels when presented at a DDU.

Pieces in a mailing are eligible for the DNDC price when they, 1) are deposited at a NDC or ASF, 2) are addressed for delivery to one of the 3-digit ZIP Codes serviced by the NDC or ASF, and, 3) are containerized based on the standards for the price claimed.  Allowing both the 3/5 price and the DNDC discount for containers with less than 10 pounds of USPS Marketing Mail recognizes that the mailing would meet the minimum volume requirement of 200 addressed pieces or 50 pounds of addressed pieces for the DNDC separation, that it has bypassed several processing points in postal operations and, as a result, has reduced costs.

Mailers wishing to deposit USPS Marketing Mail parcels that have less than the minimum required for the USPS Marketing Mail 5-digit sort (e.g., 10 pounds to a 5-digit Scheme/5-digit) at DDUs and/or combine USPS Marketing Mail parcels and Package Services parcels for entry at DDUs must meet the following requirements:

  • Mailers may combine USPS Marketing Mail machinable and irregular parcels on pallets with Package Services parcels when tendered under an approved manifesting system for permit imprint mail under Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 705.2.  All conditions of the authorization must be met in order for the authorization to remain in effect.
  • The manifest agreement must include procedures for combined mailings approved by Business Mail Acceptance and the combined mailings must be supported by a Form 8125-C that indicates the number and weight of pieces for each class of mail, as well as the total volume and weight of the parcels included in the shipment.
  • USPS Marketing Mail machinable parcels must meet the dimensions for a machinable parcel in DMM 201.7.5.
  • USPS Marketing Mail irregular parcels must meet the dimension for an irregular parcel in DMM 201.7.6.
  • The USPS Marketing Mail parcels prepared separately in sacks (not combined with Package Services parcels) may also be deposited at DDUs.  All sacks must meet the required minimums of 125 pieces or 15 pounds for irregular parcels, or 10 pounds for machinable parcels or combined machinable and irregular parcels.  Such parcels may be claimed at the 3/5 Presorted prices and may claim the Destination Sectional Center Facility (DSCF) entry discount.
  • Pallets entered at DDUs containing USPS Marketing Mail parcels and Parcel Select parcels must be balanced to ensure that pallet integrity is maintained and that small or lightweight parcels are not damaged by heavier parcels.
  • Pallets may be entered at facilities capable of handling pallets.

Under current Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) standards, the DSCF price for USPS Marketing parcels is allowed if the minimum volume for a 5-digit USPS Marketing Mail container (e.g., 10 pounds to the 5-digit/5-digit Scheme) is met.  If a mailer combines USPS Marketing Mail parcels with Parcel Select parcels in containers and can document on the manifest supporting the mailing that there are 10 or more pounds of USPS Marketing parcels for a 5-digit/scheme destination, that mail would be eligible for the DSCF discount.  At this time, the Postal Service will not allow the DSCF price for mail that does not meet current DMM eligibility standards.

It will be necessary for the mailer to substantiate to the Postal Service, upon request, that these conditions are met.


Lizbeth Dobbins


Mailing Standards

Headquarters, US Postal Service

Washington, DC  20260-3436