Customer Support Ruling

MLOCR FCM Bundle Based Flats Option

January 2015

PS-343 (705.23)

This Customer Support Ruling discusses an option for MLOCR mailers to prepare First-Class Mail Bundle Based Flats and provides the conditions for this option.

Prior to Full-Service Mail and Seamless Acceptance, MLOCR mailers were not able to prepare Bundle Based Flats due to documentation limitations. Existing MLOCR documentation could not properly identify bundle relocation that occurs in bundle based mailings. MLOCR mailers were limited to preparing Tray Based Flats mailings or Bundle Based Flats mailings that contained only one presort level. With the technical enhancements and visibility Full-Service Mail and Seamless Acceptance offers, mailers now have the ability to present First-Class Mail Bundle Based Flats produced from their MLOCR. This option will only be provided to mailers that participate in Seamless Acceptance under the following conditions:

· The mailer’s CRID must be turned on to Seamless Acceptance.

· The Bundle Based Flats option is limited to First-Class Mail only.

· All Bundle Based Flats mailings must be Full-Service mailings.

· Mailers must have the ability to show bundle relocation in their electronic documentation (eDoc).

· All metered mailpieces must be metered at the lowest presort price in the mailing.

· No Value Added Refunds allowed for Bundle Based First-Class Mail Flats.

· Mailer’s may combine metered and permit imprint postage methods provided the mailer has a Combined Postage Authorization from the USPS.

· Metered mailpieces can claim the Full-Service discount by either including the discount in the postage affixed or have the discount amount adjusted when the postage statement is submitted to PostalOne!.

- If the Full-Service discount is not included in the postage affixed, the Full-Service
discount can only be applied to offset additional postage due for lesser presorted
metered pieces. For example, if a mailer is claiming the 5-digit rate, then all metered
pieces in the mailing must be metered at the 5-digit rate. The Full Service discount earned can offset postage for metered pieces that are included in a 3-digit, ADC, or MXD ADC presort level.

- The Full-Service discount earned cannot be used to offset permit imprint postage.

· Mailer’s must obtain authorization from Business Mailer Support prior to submitting First-Class Mail Bundle Based Flat mailings.

Mailers that are interested in submitting First-Class Mail Bundle Based Flats should contact their local Business Mail Entry Manager and Business Mailer Support Analyst to begin the Seamless Mail Acceptance process and obtain authorization for First-Class Mail Bundle Based Flats.


Lizbeth J. Dobbins


Product Classification

Headquarters, US Postal Service

Washington, DC  20260-5015