Customer Support Ruling

Service Hubs

UPDATED November 2017

PS-344 (705)

This Customer Support Ruling (CSR) identifies which mail will be accepted at eligible “Service Hubs” to accommodate operational needs and to facilitate the movement of mail for down-flow facilities.

Service hubs are facilities that have been identified as cross-dock facilities for entry of mail that is properly prepared, and destinates at a facility to which the service hub provides transportation. For mail not dropped at a Destination Delivery Unit (DDU), the availability of service hubs allows for the entry of mail closer to the delivery destination instead of the other upstream options, decreasing the total costs of transportation for mailers and the Postal Service.

Service hubs will only accept cross-dock containers for 5-Digit ZIP and 5-Digit Carrier Route (non-FSS zones) pallets, bundles, or containers of USPS Marketing Mail, Periodicals, and Bound Printed Matter Flats and Parcels. Service hubs will not accept letter mail, FSS-prepared mail, or any mailing that requires a bundle sort operation.

For presort preparation and pricing, service hubs are treated as DSCF locations.  Anything currently eligible to be dropped at a Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) can also be dropped at a service hub, and the mail will be treated as if entered at a DSCF location.

Flats bundles merged onto 5-Digit scheme or 5-Digit scheme carrier route pallets, prepared according to the L001 labeling list, are eligible for service hub drops. Flats bundles on 5-digit pallets prepared according to the L007 labeling list are NOT eligible for service hub drops.  For Bound Printed Matter Parcels, 5-digit pallets and 5-digit scheme pallets prepared according to the L606 labeling list are eligible for service hubs drops.

Please refer to the PostalPro posting at for the current list of eligible service hubs (under important updates in the FAST section).  The published list contains both service hubs locations and the 5-digit offices served by each service hub.  Note that the Critical Entry Time for all service hubs is 1600. FAST appointments are required and appointment windows vary by location.

This CSR will remain in effect until further notice.


Lizbeth J. Dobbins


Product Classification

Headquarters, US Postal Service

Washington, DC  20260-5015