604c Quick Service Guide

Postage Meters and PC Postage Systems

Overview (604.4.0)

Postage meters and PC Postage products are collectively identified as “postage evidencing systems.” A postage evidencing system is a device or system of components a customer uses to print evidence that postage required for mailing has been paid. Postage evidencing systems print indicia, such as information-based indicia (IBI) or intelligent mail indicia, to indicate postage payment. Customers print indicia directly on a mailpiece or on a label that is affixed to a mailpiece. Customers must place indicia in the upper-right corner of the mailpiece or label, according to 604.4.3.3.

Authorized Providers (604.4.1.3)

The following are USPS-authorized providers:


Customer Agreement (604.4.2)

Customers must enter into an agreement with the USPS for authorization to use postage evidencing systems. By entering into the agreement, the customer accepts responsibility for control and use of the system and agrees to abide by all rules and regulations governing its use.

Postage Payment (604.4.3)

The numerical value of the postage displayed (in dollars and cents) on each mailpiece must be equal to or greater than the amount due for the applicable price category and any extra service fees or another amount permitted by mailing standards. Refunds for overpayment are considered only under standards in 604.9.0.

Metered postage must be legible and not overlap each other if more than one impression is applied to the same piece. Metered postage must be printed or applied in the upper right corner of the envelope or address label. Indicia must be printed with USPS-approved fluorescent ink or use another USPS-approved method to ensure that the mail is faced during processing. Approved methods include the use of a facing identification mark (FIM) for indicia printed directly on letter-size First-Class Mail or printing indicia on USPS-approved label or tape. USPS-approved labels or tapes must be used when meter stamps are printed on tape (604.4.5).

Meter Date (604.4.6)

The date format used in the indicia is subject to the following conditions.

Enter and Deposit (604.4.6.3)

Generally, metered mail must be deposited at locations designated by the postmaster of the licensing post office (i.e., the Post Office shown in the meter stamp). Exceptions include:


Metered Postage Designs

Metered postage designs

Official mail metered postage designs by Pitney Bowes and Hasler.

For the specific DMM standards applicable to this category of mail, consult the DMM sections referenced above and the general sections within each DMM module.