280 Quick Service Guide

Commercial - First-Class Package Service — Commercial

Physical Standards (201)

Maximum weight: less than 16 ounces.

For an overview of the physical standards for commercial parcels, see Quick Service Guide 201e.

Prices and Fees (283.1.0)

For a complete list of commercial First-Class Package Service — Commercial prices, see Notice 123–Price List.

eVS Unmanifested Fee: Eligible eVS First-Class Package Service – Commercial pieces omitted from the eVS manifest are subject to the eVS Unmanifested fee (see Notice 123–Price List.), unless the piece is subject to the IMpb noncompliance fee.

Content (283.2.0)

First-Class Package Service — Commercial may be used for any mailable item including advertisements and lightweight merchandise, except that parcels are not sealed against inspection and may not contain documents or personal correspondence. Parcels may contain invoices, receipts, incidental advertising, and other documents that relate in all substantial respects to merchandise contained in the parcels.

Eligibility Standards (283.3.0)

All pieces must meet the physical standards for parcels (201).

Each piece must include a complete delivery address with correct ZIP Code or ZIP+4 code.

A certified process must be used at least once a year to ensure accuracy of 5-digit ZIP Codes.

A surcharge applies for parcels with the following characteristics:

Postage Payment and Documentation (284)

IBI meter or PC Postage (604.3.0), or permit imprint (604.5.0) for parcels mailed at commercial prices.

Additional standards apply to mailings of nonidentical-weight pieces.


Mail Preparation (285)

Marking on each piece in the postage area: “First-Class Package or First-Class PKG.” For optional locations, see 202.3.4.

Optional First-Class Package Service — Commercial ADC presort labeling:

  1. Line 1: L015.
  2. Line 2: “FC PKG ADC.”

Enter and Deposit (286)

Mailing entered at an acceptance point designated by USPS.