Tips for Frequent Mailers and Small Businesses

Postage Solutions

Postage meters and PC Postage products offer the convenience of postage when you need it from your home or office. Many PC Postage products include valuable features, such as software accounting of mailing expenses and integrated scales for exact postage calculations. Learn more at

Commercial Prices

If you have large volumes of mail and are willing to invest some time learning more about preparing and sorting mail, you might qualify for lower postage prices. To qualify for these prices, you must mail at least 200 newsletters, flyers, or ads or 500 or more postcards, letters, or invoices at a time. To learn more about whether commercial mail is right for your small business or organization, access Business Mail 101 at To learn more about commercial prices for Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and International Mail, visit

Pickup On Demand ®

For a fee, the Post Office will pick up your postage-paid qualifying packages from your home, small business or organization within a scheduled 2-hour time frame. There is no additional charge for picking up multiple pieces of mail. Correct postage must be affixed to each piece prior to pickup. Call 1·800·222·1811 or visit for additional information including qualifying packages or to schedule a pickup.

Package Pickup

Package Pickup is the easy, convenient way to send qualifying packages. Just submit your request online at and your letter carrier will pick up the packages during their normal delivery time. This service is free of charge, regardless of the number of packages you are sending. Whether it is a one-time event or multiple shipments, you can plan your pickup schedule up to three months in the future. Visit for additional information or to schedule a pickup now.

Free Supplies

If you mail a lot of Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail items, you can save trips to the Post Office by ordering packaging supplies, including envelopes and boxes, online at or by calling 1·800·222·1811.