145 Mail Preparation


1.0 Preparation of EDDM-Retail Flats

1.0 Preparation of EDDM-Retail Flats

1.1 General Information

All pieces mailed as EDDM-Retail mailings must be bundled under 1.3 and presented directly to the correct delivery Post Office or destination delivery unit (DDU), or mailed to the DDU via Priority Mail under 146.

1.2 Quantity per Mailing

EDDM-Retail flats must be part of one mailing of at least 200 pieces (or 50 pounds) of mail except under 143.2.1, but no more than 5000 pieces per mailing per day at any one Post Office. If a Post Office serves multiple ZIP Codes, the maximum number of EDDM-Retail pieces per day is 5000 per 5-digit ZIP Code.

1.3 Delivery Statistics, Sortation, and Bundling

EDDM-Retail flats must be separated by delivery route (or Post Office Box section) under 145, using delivery statistics obtained from the EDDM web tool at the website https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.htm. Retail flats must be in bundles of 50 – 100. Place a facing slip on the top of each bundle, under the straps, with the number of pieces in the bundle written on the facing slip. See 203.4.0 and 602.3.2.3 for more information.