527 Placement of ITN, AES Downtime Citation, or AES Exemption

When a shipment requires an ITN, AES Downtime Citation, or AES Exemption, it is the customer’s responsibility to legibly write or enter the ITN, AES Downtime Citation, or AES Exemption on the applicable customs declaration form as follows:

  1. On PS Form 2976-R, USPS Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note, the customer must write one ITN or AES Downtime Citation in block 13, or note the applicable AES Exemption in block 14.
  2. When entering data into an online application to electronically generate a customs form, the customer must enter one ITN, AES Downtime Citation, or applicable AES Exemption in the AES/ITN/Exemption field.
  3. On PS Form 2976, Customs Declaration CN 22 — Sender’s Declaration, if the customer is sending items to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria under the “foreign libraries” exemption described in 526.2e, the customer must enter “NOEEI § 30.37(y).”
  4. On editions of the Global Express Guaranteed Air Waybill/Shipping Invoice (shipping label, Item 11FGG1) printed before August 2008, the customer must write “NOEEI 30.37(a)” next to the sender’s signature. Current versions of Item 11FGG1 have this AES Exemption included on the mailing label.

Note: These standards also apply to mailers who produce privately printed customs forms under 123.3.