Quick Service Guides

Effective November 7, 2016

100 Retail Letters, Cards, Flats, and Parcels

110 Priority Mail Express

120 Priority Mail

140 EDDM - Retail

150 USPS Retail Ground

200 Commercial Letters, Cards, Flats, and Parcels

201 Physical Standards for Commercial Letters and Postcards

201a Designing Letters and Postcards for Automated Processing

201b Using Tabs, Wafer Seals, and Glue Strips

201c Physical Standards for Commercial Flats

201d Designing Flats for Automated Processing

201e Physical Standards for Commercial Parcels

201f Designing Parcels for Automated Processing

207a Periodicals Nonprofit, Classroom, and Science-of- Agriculture

207b Periodicals In-County Prices / Preferred Prices

207c Periodicals Nonbarcoded Letters

207d Periodicals Nonbarcoded Flats

207e Periodicals Barcoded (Automation) Letters

207f Periodicals Barcoded (Automation) Flats

210 Priority Mail Express

220 Priority Mail

230a First-Class Mail Nonmachinable Letters

230b First-Class Mail Machinable Letters and Postcards

230c First-Class Mail Automation Letters and Postcards

230d First-Class Mail Nonautomation Flats

230e First-Class Mail Automation Flats

240a Standard Mail Nonmachinable Letters

240b Standard Mail Machinable Letters

240c Standard Mail Automation Letters

240d Standard Mail Carrier Route Letters

240e Standard Mail Nonautomation Flats

240f Standard Mail Automation Flats

240g Standard Mail Carrier Route Flats

240h Standard Mail Machinable Parcels

240i Standard Mail Irregular Parcels

240j Enhanced Carrier Route Marketing Parcels

240k Standard Mail Marketing Parcels

250 Parcel Select

260a Bound Printed Matter Flats

260b Bound Printed Matter Irregular and Machinable Parcels

270a Media Mail and Library Mail Presorted Flats

270b Media Mail and Library Mail Machinable Parcels

280 First-Class Package Service Parcels

500 Additional Services

503 Extra and Additional Services

505 Business Reply Mail

505a Courtesy Reply Mail

507 Ancillary Service Endorsements

600 Basic Standards for All Mailing Services

602 Addressing

602a Move Update

604a Nondenominated Postage

604b Precanceled Stamps

604c Postage Meters and PC Postage Systems

604d Permit Imprints

604e Meter Reply Mail

608 Private Express Statutes

700 Special Standards

705a Pallets, Pallet Boxes, and Trays on Pallets

705b Standard Mail Bundles of Flats on Pallets

708 Optional Information Lines


800 Glossary of Postal Terms and Abbreviations in the DMM