Mailpiece Design Analyst


Mailpiece Design Analysts (MDA) are specially trained postal employees who can answer your questions regarding mailpiece design, including Reply Mail. These employees provide advice and evaluate mailpieces for automation compatibility and automation-based prices. MDAs provide technical assistance on mailpiece design to envelope manufacturers, printers, advertising agencies, and graphic designers.

Mailpiece Design Analysts are available to:
  • Test paper and actual mailpiece samples for acceptable thickness, background color, flexibility, rigidity, and barcode print tolerances, etc.
  • Assist you to navigate the Automated Business Reply Mail (ABRM) tool so that you can successfully generate your own artwork.
  • Review and approve vendor-prepared "privately printed" forms for USPS special services.
  • Analyze the readability and automation compatibility of prospective or actual reply mailpieces.

For assistance with mailpiece design questions and review of your mailpieces, please contact a Mailpiece Design Analyst by calling the MDA Support Center at 855-593-6093 or sending an email to The MDA Support Center hours of operation are Monday through Friday, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM CST.