Courtesy Reply Mail


Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) requires your customer (the respondent) to pay the postage before mailing the reply back to you (the sender). CRM is appropriate when the response is more or less assured, such as for billing.

Although the customer usually pays the return postage (unless you prepay it by a meter, as in meter reply mail), the pre-addressed postcard or envelope adds convenience and ensures addressing accuracy.

The USPS requires no fees or prior authorization to distribute CRM mailpieces.

For a complete description of CRM format elements, see Quick Service Guide 505a - Courtesy Reply Mail PDF or HTML.

To create your own domestic Reply Mail artwork, please access the ABRM tool at:

The Automated Business Reply Mail® (ABRM) application provides a fast, flexible, and simple way to create approved USPS camera-ready artwork online.

For assistance with mailpiece design questions, review of your mailpieces, or assistance with the ABRM tool, please contact a Mailpiece Design Analyst by calling the MDA Support Center at 855-593-6093 or sending an email to The MDA Support Center hours of operation are Monday through Friday, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM CST.