Courtesy Reply Mail

Obtaining Facing Identification Mark (FIM A) and 11-digit delivery point barcodes

All Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) contains the proper Facing Identification Mark (FIM) A pattern. The FIM A pattern is to the exact size and is correctly positioned. Do not move or adjust the FIM A pattern.

There are several commercial products available to produce barcodes. Consult your software supplier for a program that meets the specifications of your operating system.

The Postal Service can provide a hardcopy FIM and barcodes. This "camera-ready" art is available upon request from your local Mailpiece Design Analyst (MDA). The artwork typically includes positioning marks for placement. Use the MDA locator to contact your local MDA and request this service.

CRM uses a FIM A pattern, and an 11-digit barcode referred to as a delivery point barcode. The delivery point barcode consists of your 5-digit Zip Code, ZIP+4, and the last two digits of your delivery address. If you are unsure of how to proceed, use the MDA locator to contact the MDA responsible for your ZIP Code area. They will guide you through the process and ensure you are using the correct ZIP+4 and barcode appropriate for your mailpiece.