Permits and Postage

The Postal Service has three different ways for you to pay postage for commercial mailings. This section will help you choose the payment method that's right for you.

There are three steps:
  1. Choose how you want to pay postage:
    • Precanceled Stamps : Allows you to apply stamps onto your mailpieces. With precanceled stamps, you affix a lower rate of postage and then pay the difference when you drop off your mailing. Stamps add a personal touch to your envelope and may give your customer an added incentive to open and read your mail.
    • Postage Meter/PC Postage indicia stamps : Allows you to prepay postage by affixing metered or PC Postage indicia stamps (showing the numerical value of postage) onto each mailpiece. You fill your postage meter or PC Postage account in advance and then replenish it as your postage balance runs out.
    • Permit Imprint : Allows you to set up an account at the Post Office. You deposit money into this account, and money is deducted when you drop off your mailing.
  2. Get a mailing permit.
  3. Pay an annual mailing fee.