Getting Started

Welcome to Business Mail 101. If you are a first-time mailer or want a refresher course on commercial mail, you've come to the right place. Business Mail 101 will help you understand your options for business mailing and will help you make the right choices for your business or organization. In this site you will:

  • Learn about commercial mail.
  • Learn how to qualify for business (commercial) prices.
  • Find resources to help you prepare your mail.
  • Learn how to design a mailpiece.
  • Find out how to get an address list.
  • Choose the right postage method for your mailings.

Throughout Business Mail 101 you'll find many useful tips that offer common sense advice for beginning mailers. You'll also find links to glossary terms and additional resources.

  1. What is Commercial Mail?
  2. Advantages of Commercial Mail
  3. Helping You Mail
  4. International Mail