Postage Application

Contact a postage meter manufacturer. Postage meters are leased (not sold) by four manufacturers. In many cases, the meter vendor will take care of your meter application for you, so before you begin, contact a vendor, get some price quotes, and ask what services are available. Be sure to tell the meter manufacturer that you'll be doing commercial mailings and, if you are authorized to mail at nonprofit prices. The meter manufacturer will be sure to set up your postage meter to print the required class marking on your mailpiece:

  1. PRSRT FIRST-CLASS (for Presorted First-Class Mail)
  2. PRSRT STD (for Presorted USPS Marketing Mail)
  3. NONPROFIT (for Nonprofit Presorted USPS Marketing Mail)

Your meter manufacturer will install your meter for you and will "pre-program" the meter with an amount of postage that you purchase.

PS Form 3615, Mailing Permit Application and Customer Profile. This application gives you permission to mail at commercial prices using your postage meter. Copies are available from your Business Mail Entry Unit or online. Check the box that says "Postage Evidencing System (Meter/PC Postage) Authorization". You must contact your meter manufacturer to get the right class marking for your meter.

Turn the completed PS Form 3615 in at your main Post Office. There is no application fee to get a permit to use your postage meter for commercial mailings.

The Post Office will process your application and give you a permit number to use meter stamps for commercial mailings. You will get a receipt with a permit number on it. You'll use this number when you fill out your postage statement. If you have questions, contact your meter manufacturer or vendor.

  • Although there is no fee to apply to use your postage meter for commercial mailings, you must pay an annual mailing fee to mail in bulk.
  • Keep this receipt in a safe place.
  • Before you meter any mailpieces, make sure you have the right marking for the class of mail and the price marking.
  • You may have a different permit number for each method of payment you use: one for your precanceled stamps, one for your permit imprint, and one for your postage meter. Remember to use the right one!
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