Prepare the Containers of Mail

Once all of the mail has been put into the correct tray, the trays must be sleeved and strapped:
  1. Check that each tray has the correct label (size and destination) on it.
  2. Slide the correct-sized sleeve (a paperboard "jacket" that fits over the four sides of a letter tray) over each letter tray. Each tray has a matching sleeve (i.e., a 1-foot sleeve for a 1-foot tray). The sleeve slips over the entire tray, leaving the ends of the tray exposed.
  3. Secure each tray with a single strap around the length of the sleeved tray.

Business Mail 101 - Preparing Containers

After all of your containers are prepared, then you're ready to fill out a postage statement.

  • Strapping keeps your mail secure throughout processing and transportation.
  • Some Post Offices can waive the strapping requirement for containers of mail that stay local. Ask at your Business Mail Entry Unit.
  • Although you are required to strap each tray, the Post Office does not provide strapping material. Most office supply stores sell it in rolls.
  • Flats trays (deep tubs) have special lids that are available from the Business Mail Entry Unit. Sacks have cinching mechanisms attached to the handle.