124 Address Output

Once an address list has gone through a standardization process, look at the output of the address as it appears on the mailpiece, insert, or address label. Some postal addressing standards relate to format and readability factors. A standardized address should also be machine readable so it can be processed on high-speed optical character readers (OCRs). Publication 25, Designing Letter and Reply Mail, contains specifications for properly formatting and printing delivery address information on letter mail. Following these readability guidelines for letter mail that has not been barcoded helps to ensure successful OCR processing. Some important elements affecting machine readability are contained in Appendix A of this document. For complete information, however, we recommend that you obtain a copy of Publication 25, which is available from your local Post Office or on Postal Explorer at https://pe.usps.gov (in the tab at the top, click on Publications, and then click on the link for Publication 25). If your mailpieces will be submitted for automation rates, the requirements in the DMM must be met.