356 Wrapping

When address information does not fit on one line, wrap the additional information on either the line above or below, as shown below. However, the use of standard business word abbreviations is preferred over line wrapping. Only wrap lines if standard abbreviations do not meet your business needs.



Additional Information

No Wrap

  1. Optional Endorsement

No Wrap

  1. Key Line Data

No Wrap

  1. Intelligent Mail Address Block Barcode

Wrap Down

  1. Mailstop Code

Wrap Down

  1. Attention Line

Wrap Down

  1. Individual Title

Wrap Down

  1. Functional Title

Wrap Down

  1. Group, Department, Division

Wrap Down

  1. Business/Firm Name

Wrap Up

  1. Delivery Address Line

Wrap Down

  1. City, State, ZIP+4 Line

Line #9, Business/Firm Name, should be printed on a single line for maximum MLOCR matching. If necessary, it may be wrapped down.

Print business/firm name on single line for maximum MLOCR matching. May be wrapped down when necessary.

When secondary delivery information, e.g., APT or SUITE, is part of the address but does not fit on the Delivery Address Line, wrap up all components of the secondary information immediately above the Delivery Address Line.

Wrap secondary components above delivery address line when necessary.

Line #10 — Delivery Address Line

It is preferred that all City, State, and ZIP Code information be on a single line. If that is not possible, the ZIP Code, including the ZIP+4 Code, may be placed below the city/state information. However, when compressing line #11, do not remove the hyphen between the ZIP Code and the ZIP+4 add-on code.

City, state, and zip is preferred on single line. May wrap zip on line below city/state if necessary.

Line #11 — City, State, ZIP+4 Line